CT (Computer Tomography) Department

General information
head physician: Jana Šmídová, M.D.
office hours: Mon-Fri, 7.00 AM–7 PM
Information on preparation for the examination and its course
Instructions for use of contrast fluid for abdominal or pelvic CT scan
Patient information and consent to the administration of contrast fluid
CT Colonography, CT enterography

We are equipped with the cutting edge CT from Toshiba, the Toshiba CT Aquilion 64. The unique CT Aquilion 64 reduces the radiation dose of x-rays by up to 40%. Our instrument allows for a comprehensive examination of the entire body providing extremely high quality images in 3D and MPR resolution. This CT series is able to take up to 12 images per second and has the ability to obtain acquisitions in 64 tomolayers simultaneously with 0.5-second scanning time time. Our CT thus reduces the examination time to a minimum.

The CT also includes a modular software system which allows a wide range of tasks to be carried out, provides for accurate measurement of formations and organs, the option to eliminate bones during the examination, 3D virtual colonoscopy, endoscopy and rapid 3D color image processing.

Since April 2013 our CT has been equipped with a revolution technology AIDR (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction), which reduces necessary radiation dose by 30–70%.