MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

General information
head physician: Jan Kristek, MD, PhD
office hours: Mon-Fri, 7.00 AM–9.00 PM
Information on preparation for examinations and how examinations are carried out

Our clinic is equipped with a unique magnetic resonance imaging facility from Toshiba, the Excelart Toshiba Vantage MRI system XGV with Atlas full-body scanning. Our device is an ultra-short 1.5 T actively shielded magnet with actively shielded gradient coils and a Pianissimo hardware kit.

Magnetic resonance imaging possesses the following exclusive systems:

The ATLAS full-body scanning system: The Atlas system enables examination of the whole body
(scanning range is 205 × 55 × 55 cm) without changing the coils using a unique system of special  16-32 channel coils with 128 independent elements. The ATLAS system allows up to 4000 reconstruction / sec.  The Atlas system provides a speed factor up to 16, very high sensitivity and the ability to combine Atlas coils and other coils. We realize that examination in this device may not be pleasant and that is why this system reduces the length of examination to a minimum.

Pianissimo™ System hardware kit: The Pianissimo™ system provides unique noise reduction during the examination. The patient may listen to pleasant music played in the examination room without being forced to put on a headset.

The Jet R7 package system: The Jet R7 package is a unique system for reducing motion artifacts. Artifacts caused by patient motion during the scan result in poor image quality and therefore repeated imaging is often required. The negative effect of motion artifacts is minimized thanks to the Jet R7 system. It reduces the need for repeated testing and the patient is spared the stress and saves time.

The FBI system: The FBI system enables us to perform contact-free vascular imaging in cases for which contrast fluid is  not essential and the doctor need not trouble the patient with its use.

Contrast Angio MR Imaging System: Contrast MR Angio Imaging System enables the use of vascular contrast fluid, including respiratory and peripheral gating, and peripherals.

RF coil system: Our magnetic resonance system is fitted with the following coils:  QD whole body, QD head / NV speeder, QD spine, QD shoulder, QD knee and universal circular which guarantee the highest quality scans from all parts of the human body.

The e-PACS system: The e-PACS system allows sending and sharing images securely by computer.

In this configuration, we provide examinations for the following areas:

Neurological diagnosis, a complete orthopedic and rheumatological diagnosis, angiology examination, complete abdominal diagnosis, cardiology examinations, cancer diagnosis, endocrinological examinations, imaging of fresh bleeding,  sequences suitable for cartilage imaging.