Laboratory Adjunct

General information
head physician: Hana Vajcikova, MSc
laboratory head: Eva Stenclova
direct contact: +420 532 149 434
office hours: nonstop

 Surgal Clinic laboratories have accreditation in keeping with CLS JEP – NASKL.

They are open 24 hours a day and offer a comprehensive range of testing in the area of clinical biochemistry and hematology. The laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and possess a managed laboratory information system. The laboratories have blood storage available and can carry out compatibility tests.

We are interested in collaborating with external physicians. We also provide for sample collection and online delivery of test results.
Samples to be tested are taken in the internal medicine clinic and the outpatient surgery clinic.

The basic test range includes:

  • comprehensive pre-surgery examination
  • determination of blood group
  • preventive examinations
  • basic and specialized biochemical and hematological tests
  • comprehensive examination for veterinary clinics 24 hours a day

Broad spectrum:

  • specialized biochemistry, hematology, immunology, microbiology, virology, serology, and coagulation tests

We recommend the following preventive examinations:

name of method purpose
CA 19-9 digestive tract tumor marker detection
PSA + FPSA (only for men) prostate tumor marker detection
CA 15-5 (only for women) gynecologic tumor marker detection
glycated hemoglobin diabetes detection
iron + Transferrin detection of iron levels in the blood, anemia
blood group determination of blood group under non-emergency circumstances including issuance of card