General information
head physician: Milena Gojová, MD
head physiotherapist: Jana Mihulková, MSc
direct contact: +420 532 149 398
office hours: Mon-Fri, 7.00 AM–3.30 PM
physician office hours: Tuesday 7.00–15.30

The SurGal Clinic Rehabilitation services are available not only for our clients, but also for general public. Due to prolonged office hours we offer the shortest waiting time in Brno.

Rehabilitation is aimed at both providing aftercare for patients in bed after surgery and care unrelated to surgery which is provided to the patient upon his or her request or recommendation by a physician.

Rehabilitation care is provided mainly for post-traumatic conditions, neurological conditions and chronic diseases of the locomotor system.

The rehabilitation center is led by a physician-specialist and our rehabilitation team consists mostly of graduated experts with master degree in physiotheraphy, which guarantees high quality of provided care.

Our rehabilitation team

  • Mgr. Jana Mihulková – head physiotherapist
  • Mgr. Zuzana Kostková  – deputy head
  • Bc. Andrea Havelková – physiotherapist
  • Bc. Judita Kecskemétiová – physiotherapist
  • Iva Kordačová, Dis. – physiotherapist
  • Jana Kotková – physiotherapist
  • Bc. Natália  Kosíková – physiotherapist
  • Bc. Nikola Nováková – physiotherapist
  • Bc. Lucie Pavlíčková  – physiotherapist
  • MSc. Anita Pál, M.Sc – physiotherapist
  • Mgr. Jana Švecová – physiotherapist
  • Bc. Hana Andratschke – physiotherapist
  • Bc. Jana Cupáková – physiotherapist
  • Mgr. Klaudia Michalčinová – physiotherapist
  • Mgr. Lenka Václavíková – physiotherapist
  • Jana Škrdlová, Dis. – physiotherapist
  • Hana Trenzová  – physiotherapist
  • Markéta Drápalová, Dis. – physiotherapist


  • Jana Langová
  • Romana Peňová